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About us

Our journey started back in the summer of 2018. Festivalseason was at its prime, everyone was bringing thunder like a motherf*cking hurricane and the beats per minute reached whole new levels. During the summer period we saw everyone escaping their daily struggles, for a few weeks they were living their lives to the fullest!

The harder styles community keeps on growing, the events are still becoming bigger and bigger and every artist has its own merchandise. Everyone started wearing their heroes on their chest and if you’re not waving a special flag to show your love, at least you’re wearing a branded hat.

Now that the harder styles has taken over daily life it’s time for the next step: showing the love for your favourite artist on your very own walls! We decided it was time to create special artworks for all the great artists of this time and even the past, and so it started. That magical summer of 2018 was the start of our project with only one goal: taking over the walls with this harder styles art, all of the world.

We started spreading our artworks on Instagram and quickly grew a great army. Our art can be found on the walls in over 12 countries worldwide, and we’re still trying to reach our goal of taking over the entire world. We’d love you to become a part of our army and spread the harder styles even further across the globe, so don’t hesitate and become a soldier!

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